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Room 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm
Aurora Readings: Andrew Barton & Mike Rimar The Electric Self Driving Car: Why Doesn’t It Hover Already? DIY Millinery Russell T. Davis vs, Stephen Moffat – Female Doctors, Story Arcs and the Death of the Doctor The Terrorists Have Already Won a Place in Canadian SF History of Monsters: Things that go Bump in the Night    
Buttonville Masquerade Awards Readings: Charlene Challenger & Lesley Donaldson-Reid Readings: Marie Bilodeau & Geoff Gander Readings: Gail Z. Martin & Peter Prellwitz Readings: Karl Schroeder & Hayden Trenholm Readings: EK Johnston & Kelley Armstrong Readings: Erik Buchanan & Chris A. Jackson  
Con Suite (1073)         Sunday Afternoon Tea  
Event Suite (1086)                
Gormley (Anime) see program book for the Anime Room schedule
Hotel Bar                
King City (Gaming) see program book for the Gaming room schedule
Lower Richmond Lobby   Demo: Pop Seagull Demo: Brain Lag Demo: Jen Frankel        
Markham A That Science Dates You (but at least somebody will) Apocalypse Tomorrow: Imagining the End of Humanity Interactive Fiction: No Coding required! Showcasing Your Goods: How to Get an Agent     Intersection Between SF and Contemporary Issues  
Markham B Publicity Campaign Workshop Present and Future Laughter When Bad Science Happens to Good Stories: Putting the Science Into Science Fiction Narrative Voice and Point of View The Hero’s Journey and the Story Promise Mentoring: The Benefits and Perils Mental Health and Fandom  
Newmarket Planning Out A Cosplay So You Get It Done In Time Stitch and Kitsch and Cosplay Swap! Protecting your Intellectual Property in the Age of the Repost Masquerades and Tech: A Look Behind The Curtain Cheats, Tricks and Illusions for Costumes and Props Mascots and Big Costumes    
Oakridge Ghosts in Popular Culture: From Caspar to Ghost Whisperer Zombies as Dressing: How Society Returns in a Zombie-Infested World Making A Living: Not Just For The Cream Of The Crop Anymore Too Happily Ever After? No One Believes it anyways because Romance is dead   Body and Person in SF: Identity and Diversity    
Parking Lot                
Richmond A Guests of Honour Brunch Writing Short Stories vs. the Novel Fairy Tales: Rewriting Grimm, Anderson and Aesop   Ad Astra AGM Ad Astra 2016 Brainstorming  
Richmond B Guests of Honour Brunch To Trinity? And Beyond! Superheroes: From the Printed Page to the Silver Screen GoH Hour: Anne Bishop GoH Hour: Monica Pacheco    
Richmond C & D Summer Sci-Fi Trailer Park   DnDUI Cast    
Stouffville (Lego) Lego Displays by ToroLUG
T&T Suite (1080)                
Thornhill (Art Show)                
Unionville Kids Reading Hour Readings: Gregory Wilson & JD DeLuzio Scavenger Hunt!        
Vaughan Hall (Dealers) Dealers Room Open    
Victoria Square (Cosplay Repair Lounge)   Cosplay Repair Lounge