2017 Dealer Room Layout


A01         Natural Endeavours:  handmade soaps, lotions, shampoos and more  facebook.com/NaturalEndeavours

A02         Stefan Ellery:  Novels Published by Sara Walker and Stefan Ellery.    www.stefanellery.com

A03         Sara Walker:  Novels Published by Sara Walker and Stefan Ellery.            

A04         HalBer Books:  As new, autographed, and collectable books     

A05         Sunburst Awards:  www.sunburstaward.org     

A06         A.A. Jankiewicz, Author:  Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, hardcover and paperback   www.aajankiewicz.agnesjankiewicz.com

A07         Chained Creativity:  Handcrafted chainmaille jewelry, accessories and scale costume pieces.         www.zibbet.com/chainedcreativity

B1, B8     The Book Scouts:  New, used,  & collectable books      www.thebookscouts.ca

B2, B3, B4             Bakka Phoenix Books:  Sci Fi and Fantasy books     www.bakkaphoenixbooks.com       

B5, B6, B7          WCYR (Writers Community of York Region):  Book from Indie Authors and Writing Group Membership Information.  wcyork.ca

C01          Brandon Draga/Deanna Laver:  Fantasy Novels and Children’s Books; Original Art Prints                                  www.brandondraga.com

C02          Brain Lag:  Fantasy and science fiction novels    www.brain-lag.com

C03          The Alternate Reality News Service:  Books      

C05          Michael & Sarah Healy:  Self published books, art         

C06          Darrell Drake:  Self-published author of A Star-Reckoner’s Lot.    www.darrelldrake.net

C07          D.L. Narrol:  Author of Steampunk series and one stand alone Fantasy   www.dlnarrol.net

C08          Dark Dragon:  Books      www.karendales.com

C10          Bundoran Press:  Books     www.bundoranpress.com

H01         Klingon Assault Group (KAG) 

H02         Ontario Ghostbusters 

H03         Royal Manticoran Navy               

H05         kathryn sandford:  Published author     www.facebook.com/KenjisDesgins/

H04         Dylan Madeley:  Self-published Fantasy author   www.dylanmadeley.com

H06         Jennifer Reinfried:  Published author   

H07         Elegy LARP        

W01        Scoutae:  Posters, hand-painted skateboards, hand embroidered clothing, buttons, keychains         

W02        Penny L. Samms:  SF Author      

W03        Steamgummi:  Steampunk, dieselpunk, postapocalyptic jewellery and accessories.      www.steamgummi.weebly.com

W04        The Spell Tutor:  The Spell Tutor is a Harry Potter-inspired web series produced in Toronto      thespelltutor.com

W05        Kraken Not Stirred:  Cassettes, Download Cards, Shirts, Buttons  www.krakennotstirred.com

W06        Jennifer Carole Lewis:  Paranormal romance and urban fantasy books www.pastthemirror.com

W07        Black Currant Jewelry:  Hand made wire wrapped and steampunk jewelry  blackcurrantjewelry.deviantart.com

W08        Lesley Donaldson:  fantasy books, customisable vinyl stickers also Greyscale Studios artwork writerlesleydonaldson.com

W09        Cusp of Gemini:  Chain mail and beaded jewelry and other wearables  

W10        Michael Drakich:  Books  michaeldrakich.wordpress.com

W11, W12            Myth Hawkers Travelling Bookstore:  Book sales and small press/Canadian author consultation        www.mythhawker.com

W13        Sarah Waterraven         

W14          Green Cottage Gallery:  Mutant stuffed creatures, rayguns, Steampunk oddments and other wearable art.    

 W15        Asidmab Jewellery:  Hand crafted Jewellery for Humans and Dolls.  asidmab.biz

W16        Galaxy Teas:  Sci-Fi Based loose leaf tea company

W17           Whimsical Squid Creative:  Fleece hats, plushies, pillows, drawstring/dice bags, and decorative wall hangings.      whimsicalsquidco.deviantart.com/gallery/51028414/Sellables

W18           Seditious Jewelry:  Fantasy & Fan Art jewelry and accessories, hand painted by the artist, all one of a kind             www.facebook.com/seditiousjewelry/

W19,W20             Micks Books:  Books ,comics, graphic novels   Abe.com

W21        GearPunk’D:  Assorted steampunk clothing and accessories    www.etsy.com/gearpunkd

W22        Undertow Publications:  Book publishing. Original weird fiction  www.undertowbooks.com