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Room 5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm 12am
Aurora     The Big Birds are Flying: The State of Aviation Today Writing the Future: Imagining What We Can’t Possibly Know Friday Night Music Performances  
Buttonville     Jesus’ Brother Bob and Cleopatrick : Inventing Real People for Alternate Histories Popcorn, Pyjamas, Movies! Jedi Remmedial School: Preparing For The New Trilogy      
Con Suite (1073)       Guest of Honour Meet and Greet      
Event Suite (1086)       Book Launch: Dragon Moon Press      
Gormley (Anime) see program book for the Anime Room schedule
Hotel Bar           Cantina Karaoke  
King City (Gaming) see program book for the Gaming room schedule
Lower Richmond Lobby                
Markham A       Escape from Horror Remakes and the end of Neverending Sequels IV – Revenge of the Remakequel Storytelling Show: Stories of Nigh How to Make Your Bread and Butter: Fans Late Night Slash Fiction Readings  
Markham B     Laughing in the Face of Death Meet Double Dragon Publishing The Beldam, The Hag and the Hedgewitch: Witches in Popular Culture Galavant: Mocking Musicals and History in One Swell Foop    
Newmarket     The Classics – In Space and Beyond! Readings: Chadwick Ginther & Arlene F. Marks Readings: Alisse Lee Goldenberg & Aviva Bel’Harold Podcasting After Dark 2: Kaiju Boogaloo    
Oakridge     Deconstruction: What Happens When You Take Tropes Apart   Higher Education: If I Knew Then What I Knew Now Dystopian YA Cliches    
Parking Lot           Astronomy in the Parking Lot    
Richmond A   Opening Ceremonies   SF for a YA Audience A Merciless Deconstruction of Things that Other People Like: The Panel “B” Movies: Mentally Fattening AND Good For You    
Richmond B         Predicting the Future: How Wrong Are We Going To Be?      
Richmond C & D       Friday Night Variety Show The Holodeck Follies Improv Jam   Late Night Drunken Gurus
Stouffville (Lego) Lego Displays by ToroLUG
T&T Suite (1080)       Book Launch: Stuart Kenny      
Thornhill (Art Show)   Art Show Open      
Unionville       Thermoplastics for Costuming        
Vaughan Hall (Dealers)   Dealers Room Open      
Victoria Square (Cosplay Repair Lounge) Cosplay Repair Lounge     Leave Your Sword At The Door: Weapons Check & A Discussion of Weaponry in Fiction