Stephen Hunt is a Toronto-born fantasy and science fiction author currently living in the UK. Before becoming an author, he worked in publishing and online media, including as an editor at the Financial Times (the big pink’un). His works originally appeared in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, through the Voyager imprint of HarperCollins (who also publish JRR Tolkien, George RR Martin and CS Lewis, alongside his books). Stephen’s works have been translated into over a dozen foreign languages – including American via Tor!

The first novel in his six-book ‘Jackelian’ series was ‘The Court of the Air’, a fantasy novel set in a Victorian-level far-future where steam power, rather than oil, drives the economy of a resource-starved Earth riven by ice ages and natural disasters. It is a world where humans, various evolved sub-species of mankind, sentient robots, aliens and genetically engineered creatures mix among the ruined glories of past, collapsed civilisations. It was voted best novel to be made into a film at the Berlinale (the world’s largest film festival) by the event’s organisers and producers… who pitched it as “Bladerunner meets Charles Dickens.”

The subject of an auction and bidding war among the major British publishing houses, The Court of the Air’s subsequent mass-market sales helped jump-start the steampunk genre, turning the field from a sleepy backwater in 2007 into a thriving global literary and social scene today. Blame him for the crinoline cosplay! Subsequent novels set in the same world include ‘The Kingdom Beyond the Waves’, ‘Rise of the Iron Moon’, ‘Secrets of the Fire Sea’, ‘Jack Cloudie’, and ‘From the Deep of the Dark’.

The first in Stephen’s ‘Sliding Void’ serialisation of space opera novellas was number one in the Amazon science fiction Kindle charts over Christmas 2011 in both the UK and USA. He says he started to write these to supply his own cravings for a science fiction adrenaline rush while suffering severe withdrawal symptoms from the end of Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon Five, Firefly, Andromeda and Farscape.

Stephen’s next big project will be the initial novel in the ‘Far-called’ fantasy series, due to be published in December 2013 by Gollancz. This will be set outside of the Jackelian universe, featuring a brand new world and characters. Buy him a drink at the convention, and sworn to secrecy though he is by the Gollancz team, he may let slip some details about this intriguing new sequence of books.

Stephen Hunt will be participating in the following:

  • Friday 7 pm Ellsemere West – Appearance at Opening Ceremonies
  • Friday 8 pm ConSuite – Meet and Greet with Guests of Honour
  • Saturday 10 am Ellsemere East – Discussion Worthy Books of 2012
  • Saturday 11 am Ellsemere East – Creating a Successful Alternate History
  • Saturday 1 pm Ellsemere East – How ePublishing has changed the market for traditional press
  • Saturday 2 pm Ellsemere East – Steampunk University
  • Saturday 4 30 pm Berczy B – Mass Autograph Session (to 6 pm)
  • Sunday 11 am Ellsemere West – GoH Hour: Stephen Hunt
  • Sunday 2 pm Ellsemere East – Form versus Function in Steampunk