Friday April 10, 2015 – 10pm

This year, our popular Karaoke night is Star Wars themed. The Cantina Karaoke will be set up in the Hotel Restaurant Bar. 

Anybody with a song in their hearts can come give the Karaoke a try, in groups, or solo.  If you don’t sing, you can still enjoy they party. Come watch your fellow science fiction fans as they warble and croon their way through classic tunes and modern hits.

Costumes are always optional, but add to the fun.

SC_006Hosted by Queen Pam Sargant and Princess Ashley Regimbal-Kung of A-LIST Entertainment

This year you can request songs in advance from your smartphone.


*Note:  Please drink responsibly, especially if you are driving.  Many people like to drink, but few people like a drunk.  As with any bar, the staff at Spirits reserves the right to check ID and to refuse services to anybody that may have already had too much. 
The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19.