Cosplay and Costuming

Aging and Weathering 101:  A vital step in the creation of realistic and believable props and costumes, this panel will introduce you to the tools and techniques of aging,weathering and distressing. The costumes and props help tell the story of a character – don’t skip this vital chapter!

  • Saturday 4 PM to 5 PM Newmarket:  Kenneth Shelley (m),  Dianne Da Rosa, Alexandra Renwick

Cosplay Tips and Tricks:  Cosplay is a hobby that’s always growing, and there’s always new things to learn. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks we’ve learned that makes making costumes easier.

  • Friday 7 PM to 8 PM Oakridges: Dianne Da Rosa (m)

Crossplaying and Genderbent Costuming:  What are crossplaying and genderbent costuming? Are they different? What are the things to do or not do when crossplaying or genderbending? What do terms like “M to F” and “F to M” mean? Plus anecdotes and adventures in crossplaying and genderbending and why we shouldn’t stereotype and stigmatize crossplayers and genderbend costumers.

  • Friday 9 PM to 10 PM Oakridges:  Derwin Mak(m), Dianne Da Rosa

Masquerade 101: All Dressed Up, Now What?:  You’ve taken the time and the effort to build a great costume and you want to show it off at the Masquerade. Well, here is an opportunity to get some hands-on advice from panelists who have competed at the different levels in the Masquerade competitions. Learn how to present your costume on stage. And it all starts with a little planning. Whether looking to do a walk on, tell a very mini story, a little dance or anything in between, here is an opportunity to break down the process and discover tips that can help you show off your Cosplay in the best light possible.

  • Friday 8 pm Richmond B:  Jody Rodier (m), Martin Constantineau, Alex Kung

Sewing for Cosplay:  Pins, needles, threads galore. We’ll talk about the ins and outs of sewing cosplays, from patterning to machines to hems.

  • Sunday 1 PM to 2 PM Newmarket:Dianne Da Rosa (m)

Social Media, Networking and Cosplay:  How to get started with some tips on maintaining social media with your Cosplay and how to network at conventions.

  • Saturday 3 PM to 4 PM Newmarket: Dianne Da Rosa (m)

Steampunk Props and Gadgets:  Making a steampunk costume but not sure what makes it Steampunk? The answer GADGETS!  Join members of the Toronto Steampunk Society and learn how to make that right prop or gadget to set your costume on the right track.

  • Saturday 12pm to 1pm Newmarket: John Morgan, Paul Neale, Chris Warrilow

The Reality Behind Fantasy: Research and Experience:  Authors discuss the process of learning about everything from cooing to swordsmanship , as well as life experience, that directly fuels writing.  is research a part of Fantasy authorship?  Science Fiction?  Does speculation need to be ‘grounded?’

  • Saturday 3pm to 4pm Richmond B: Christian Cameron (m),  Steve Stirling,  Kristen Britain, Alyxandra Harvey,  Amanda Sun

The Tesla Tea Service:  Join the Toronto Steampunk Society in an afternoon charity tea to benefit Autism Ontario. Enjoy a selection of tea’s from Galaxy tea’s. Experience a tea or parasol duel. Poetry, a variety of food, Prizes! All to raise money for Autism Ontario.

  • Saturday 3pm to 5pm Suite 1080: Toronto Steampunk Society – Todd Clark, John Morgan, Paul Neale, Tina Olah, Jody Rodier, Chris Warrilow