The Old School RPG Renaissance:  See, there’s old school RPGs that are old RPGs and old school RPGs that are new but inspired by old RPGs. We’ll make it clear.

  • Saturday  6:00 PM – Newmarket: Justin Mohareb, Nicholas Eames

The Popularity of Board Gaming:  Board games have gained popularity, with Board game cafes opening up, let’s talk about some of our favourite games and how they’ve impacted the genre.

  • Saturday  8:00 PM – Newmarket:  Thomas Gofton, Dianne Da Rosa, Deanna Laver, Jeff Beeler

What is this play of Role of which you speak?:  An introduction to the RPG hobby, with a look at a variety of games for the new player.

  • Saturday  7:00 PM – Newmarket:  Brandon Draga,  Charlotte Ashley, Deanna Laver, Nicole Lavigne