Mass Autograph Session:  Saturday 4:00 to 6:00 pm, Markham A & B

  • Between 4 pm to 6 pm:  Kristen Britain, Eric Choi, Brandon Sanderson, Steve Stirling
  • 4 pm to 5 pm:
    • Ed Greenwood, Guy Gavriel Kay,  Robert J. Sawyer
    • Stephanie Bedwell-Grimes, Christian (Miles) Cameron, Suzanne Church, Nicholas Eames, Jen Frankel,  Alisse Lee Goldenberg, Alyxandra Harvey, Dean Italiano, Neil Jamieson-Williams, Martha Lenio, Derwin Mak, Michael Martineck, Ilana Myer, L.E. Sterling, Amanda Sun, Sarah WaterRaven, Eli K.P. William, Gregory Wilson
  •  5 pm to 6 pm:
    • Anne Bishop, Julie Czerneda
    • Matthew Bin, Leah Bobet, Timothy Carter, Rebecca Diem, Lesley Donaldson, Brandon Draga, Darrell Drake, Costi Gurgu,  Cathy Hird, A.A. Jankiewicz, Ian Keeling, Arlene Marks, Jane Ann McLachlan, Alexandra Renwick,Vanessa Ricci-Thode, Mike Rimar, Heather Spears, Karina Sumner-Smith, Allan Weiss, Rio Youers

Writers of the Future – Panel and Signing:  Saturday 1:00 to 2:00 pm, Markham A

If you are an aspiring writer or artist, then come to this panel to find out about a Contest that has helped writers and artists from Robert J. Sawyer and Brandon Sanderson, to James Alan Gardner, Stephen Kotowych and Tony Pi.  Writers and Illustrators of the Future, now in its 34th year, has demonstrated itself to be one of the most successful methods to get that much needed break into the publishing industry. 


“It really does help the best rise to the top.” – Brandon Sanderson  

“Packed with brilliant stories and thoughtful essays, all wonderfully illustrated by the artist winners–always a joy to behold.” – Robert J. Sawyer

  • Emily Jones, Robert J. Sawyer, Stephen Kotowych, Tony Pi and James Gardner
    • Panel followed by book signing.

Author Readings:

A.A. Jankiewicz:                 Friday         7:00 PM – Markham A

Adam Shaftoe-Durrant     Saturday  12:30 PM – Markham B

Alexandra Renwick           Saturday  12:00 PM – Markham B

Alisse Lee Goldenberg     Saturday    9:30 PM – Markham A

Amanda Sun                        Saturday    1:00 PM – Markham B

Anne Bishop                        Saturday    2:30 PM – Markham A

Arlene Marks                       Saturday  10:30 AM – Newmarket

Brandon Draga                   Saturday  11:30 AM – Markham B

Brandon Sanderson          Sunday      1:00 PM – Richmond CD

Carolyn Charron                 Saturday    8:30 PM – Markham B

Cathy Hird                            Saturday  10:00 AM – Markham B

Charlotte Ashley – with Tonya Liburd & Malon Edwards
                                               Saturday  10:30 AM – Markham B

Christian Cameron            Saturday  11:00 AM – Markham A

Costi Gurgu                         Saturday  11:30 AM – Markham A

Darrell Drake                      Saturday  10:00 AM – Markham A

David Stephenson             Saturday  10:30 AM – Markham A

Dean Italiano                       Saturday    7:00 PM – Markham A

Derek Künsken                  Saturday    7:30 PM – Markham A

Derwin Mak                         Saturday  12:30 PM – Markham A

The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG): Saturday 12:00 pm – Aurora

Ed Greenwood and members of his Sessoirum of Creatives will be

performing passages from their various works and then answering questions.

  • Ed Greenwood, Suzanne Church, Brandon Crilly

Eli K.P. William                    Saturday    8:00 PM – Markham A

Eric Choi                               Saturday  12:00 PM – Markham A

Geoff Hart                            Saturday    8:30 PM – Markham A

Gregory Wilson                   Saturday    9:00 PM – Markham A

Guy Gavriel Kay                  Saturday    2:00 PM – Aurora

Hayden Trenholm               Saturday    2:00 PM – Markham B

Heather Spears                  Saturday    7:00 PM – Markham B

Ian Keeling                           Saturday    7:30 PM – Markham B

Ilana Myer                             Saturday    8:00 PM – Markham B

Jen Frankel                          Saturday    2:30 PM – Markham B

Jonathan Oliver                  Friday         9:30 PM – Markham B

Julie Czerneda                    Saturday    2:00 PM – Markham A

Kari Maaren                         Friday         8:00 PM – Markham A

Karina Sumner-Smith       Friday         9:00 PM – Markham A

Kristen Britain                    Saturday    1:00 PM – Aurora

L.E. Sterling                         Friday         7:30 PM – Markham A

Leah Bobet                          Saturday    9:30 PM – Markham B

Lesley Donaldson              Friday         8:30 PM – Markham A

Liz Westbrook-Trenholm  Saturday  11:00 AM – Markham B

Martha Lenio                       Saturday  10:00 AM – Aurora

Matt Moore                           Friday        7:00 PM – Markham B

Matthew Bin                        Friday        7:30 PM – Markham B

Michael Martineck             Friday        8:00 PM – Markham B

Mike Rimar                          Friday        8:30 PM – Markham B

MJ Moores                           Friday        9:00 PM – Markham B

Neil Jamieson-Williams    Saturday   9:00 PM – Markham B

Nicholas Eames                 Saturday   2:30 PM – Aurora

Nicole Lavigne                    Saturday 10:00 AM – Oakridges

Rebecca Diem                    Friday        8:00 PM – Aurora

Rio Youers                           Friday        8:30 PM – Aurora

Robert J. Sawyer               Sunday     2:00 PM – Richmond CD

Sarah WaterRaven            Friday        9:30 PM – Markham A

Selena Middleton                Saturday 10:30 AM – Aurora

Stephanie Bedwell-Grimes  Saturday 10:00 AM – Newmarket

Steve Stirling                       Sunday   12:00 PM – Aurora

Timothy Carter                    Saturday 10:30 AM – Oakridges