Astronomy in the Parking Lot – Friday and Saturday night at 9 pm:  Telescope in the smokers’ park on Friday and Saturday night. Solar scope Saturday and Sunday about noon. Anyone else who has scopes is free to join. – Glenn Norman,  Michelle Goodeve, Patrick McDonald

Astronomy in the Parking Lot – Saturday & Sunday at noon:  Solar scope Saturday and Sunday about noon. Anyone else who has scopes is free to join. – Patrick McDonald

Citizen Science:  Explaining and demonstrating how the public can participate in scientific research online by helping review small portions of enormous scientific datasets.

  • Saturday 5:00 PM – Oakridges: Gillian Clinton, Glen Norman, Geoff Hart, Hayden Trenholm,  Patrick McDonald

Global changes and post-apocalyptic novels:  What with global warming, the Syrian refugee crisis, and shifting political alliances, some post-apocalyptic novels are seeming like they could become more of a reality. A discussion of how novels like “The Road”, the “Oryx and Crake” trilogy, “1984”, “The Hunger Games”, “Ready Player One”, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, and other novels set in the future of our own planet look more or less relevant in today’s climate.

  • Saturday 12:00 PM – Oakridges: Martha Lenio

Moon, Mars, or Bust:  A discussion about the world’s national and international crewed space programs. Who will be going where and why? What new technologies do we still need to get there?

  • Saturday 11:00 AM – Oakridges: Eric Choi, Martha Lenio, Neil Jamieson-Williams

Neighbourhood News – What’s Up in our Solar System:  A free form discussion with panelists and audience members sharing news of recent discoveries or space missions in our solar system.

  • Saturday 7:00 PM -Oakridges: Gillian Clinton, Eric Choi, Glen Norman, Paul Roberts

Power for the Future:  Join nuclear engineer, Peter White, specialist in operational thermal hydraulics for a discussion on current and future  projects for power generation in Ontario, such as the Darlington refurbishments and the Pickering life extensions and small modular reactors.

  • Saturday 6:00 PM – Oakridges: Peter White

Robotics Inquiry:  Making Learning Fun With Robots!  Mike Frankfort is an elementary teacher with the York Region District School Board currently teaching at Aldergrove Public School in Markham. He embraces the use of technology and in particular that of robotics in the classroom. In this session, participants will have a brief introduction into how robots have enhanced the learning experience for students and then participants will be engaged in a hands-on inquiry to construct their own robot using a Lego Mindstorms EV3 Kit. Once the robots have been built, we will be holding a special robotics tournament. Feel free to sign-up in advance as a team or as an individual. If you have never had the opportunity to work with robots before, please join us for a fun-filled session for all ages!

  • Sunday 12:00 PM – Markham AB: Michael Frankfort        

Robot Tournament:  Epic robot battle featuring the participants of the Robotics workshop

  • Sunday 12:00 PM – Markham AB: Michael Frankfort      

Space Launching and Asteroid Mining for Fun and Profit:  A discussion about current and future commercial space launch efforts. SpaceX, Orbital, Boeing, Virgin, Blue Horizon etc.

  • Saturday 2:00 PM – Richmond B: Liz Westbrook-Trenholm, Eric Choi, Gillian Clinton, Derek Künsken, David Stephenson