Participating Panelists

Charlotte Ashley is a writer, editor, and bookseller living in Toronto, Canada. Her short fiction appears in a number of anthologies and magazines, including the Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2017 (ed. Rich Horton). She has been nominated for both the Aurora and Sunburst Awards and once performed a story from the equipment of a CrossFit gym. You can follow her @CharlotteAshley on Twitter, and at

Andrew Barton is a Toronto-based science fiction writer whose stories have appeared in Analog, On Spec, and multiple anthologies.

Beverly Bambury is a publicist and social media specialist for authors and comic creators. She also edits comics and graphic novels, and sometimes proofreads and copy edits prose, too. Learn more about Beverly at

James Bambury writes short sf stories and the ongoing webcomic Space Box; about a person who travels through time and space in a box that is not bigger on the inside and is unable to leave it.

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime is the author of more than thirty novels and novellas.She has been nominated for the Aurora Award five times and has also been an EPIC eBook Award finalist. Stephanie’s most recent publication is “The Night Truck” which appears in the anthology Horror Library, Volume 6.

Jeff Beeler has a Bachelors Degree in History and a Masters in Library and Information Science. He has been on convention con committees at various levels since 1994.

Matthew Bin is an author and IT consultant from Oakville, Ontario. He is the past president of the Canadian Authors Association and secretary of the Canadian Copyright Institute. He is also a Canadian football journalist, a licensed humanist marriage officiant, and bass player and backup shouter in a punk rock band. His new novel, Brendan’s Way, will be published by Bundoran Press in May 2017.

Leah Bobet is a novelist, editor, and bookseller with Bakka-Phoenix Books, Canada’s oldest science fiction bookstore. Her novels have won multiple awards, with her most recent, dustbowl literary fantasy An Inheritance of Ashes, receiving the Prix Aurora Award, the Sunburst Award, the Copper Cylinder Awards, and an Ontario Library Association 2015 Best Bets selection and being shortlisted for the Canadian Library Young Adult Book Award and the Cybils.  Leah lives and works in Toronto, where she makes a lot of jam, knits sweaters, and is learning game design.  Visit her at

Christian (Miles) Cameron is a full time writer of fantasy and historical novels.  He reenacts several time periods and teaches medieval and renaissance martial arts.  He lives with his family in Toronto when he’s not pretending to be a knight or a Greek hoplite…  Currently writing a new Fantasy series for Gollanz, The Master

Timothy Carter, author and all-around good guy, was born in England and turned 13 on Friday the 13th. I know, right? He lives and writes in Toronto with his Lord and Master, Karma. Timothy’s most recent novel is The Five Demons You Meet In Hell.

Carolyn Charron is a Canadian writer whose short stories have appeared in a wide variety of markets, from horror (Dystopia Utopia) to mystery (Murder & Mayhem) to family fare (The Saturday Evening Post) and fairy tales (Enchanted Conversation). On the editor’s side of the slush pile, she reads for the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine, and has acted as a juror for a writer’s grant for the first time. She spends far too much time on Facebook and not enough on her blog or Twitter. She lives in Toronto with her family and is currently working on a novel blending Canadian history with clockworks and potato batteries.

Suzanne Church grew up in Toronto, moved to Waterloo to pursue mathematics, and never left town. Her award-winning fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Cicada, On Spec, and her 2014 collection Elements. Her favourite place to write is a lakefront cabin, but she’ll settle for any coffee shop with WiFi and an electrical outlet. Soul Larcenist, book one in the Dagger of Sacrados trilogy, the fourth book in The Ed Greenwood Group’s #Hellmaw setting, is now available in multiple formats from

Todd Clark is the current Director of the Toronto Steampunk Society, active member of both the Klingon Assault Group and the Klingon Justice League, lifelong fan of Science fiction, comics, games and movies. He can most often be found manning the TSS table or running a tea duel.

David Clink is a poet, poker player, and punster. His poem, “A Sea Monster Tells His Story” won the 2013 Aurora Award for Best Poem/Song. His poetry has appeared in over 50 journals, including appearing in The Dalhousie Review six times, and in The Literary Review of Canada six times. He has two poetry collections published by Tightrope Books: Eating Fruit Out of Season and Monster. His third poetry collection, Crouching Yak, Hidden Emu, was published by The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box in 2012. In November 2016, Chizine Publications published David’s speculative poetry collection, The Role of Lightning in Evolution.

Gillian Clinton started out as an aerospace engineer and worked in the Canadian aviation industry until, while doing a History degree at night school “for fun”, she was laid off.  Thus began her adventures as an Information Researcher which included a Masters degree in Information Studies and the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects for some very strange clients.  As an interdisciplinary engineer, information researcher, reference librarian and amateur astronomer, she is able to assimilate information and share it effectively with others. Resistance is futile!  She has been attending cons since her high school science fiction club dragged her to the first Toronto Star Trek convention held many, many years ago (Thanks Rob Sawyer!).  One day she hopes to have time to actually read all the books she has collected and maybe, just maybe, she’ll get a chance to look through her telescope on a clear night.

Stephanie Cooper is a fangirl who attends multiple conventions every year both large and small. In her spare time she teaches elementary school children and usually finds a way to integrate geeky content into her lessons.

Brandon Crilly:  An Ottawa teacher by day, Brandon Crilly has been previously published by On Spec, The 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Third Flatiron Anthologies and other markets, with an upcoming short story in 49th Parallels: Alternative Canadian Histories and Futures. He was a Semi-Finalist in the 4th quarter of Writers of the Future 32, contributes regularly to and is the Assistant Editorial Director of TEGG Games. You can find Brandon at or on Twitter: @B_Crilly. His first TEGG short story, “Wizard-sitting,” is now available at

Dianne Da Rosa:  Lady Di has been cosplaying for 4 years now, rapidly learning and gaining new skills as she goes as she quickly became engrossed by the community. She loves many fandoms including and definitely not limited Harry Potter, The Avengers and Pokemon and has a talent to fan-girl over anything at anytime. She enjoys cosplaying anything from anime to sci-fi, and recently found a niche in genderbend cosplays. Enjoying the creative licence that comes with creating female versions of male characters, Di has many future concepts up her sleeves. She has also recently expanded to YouTube where she posts vlogs from conventions she’s attended and other nerdy topics.

Rebecca Diem is a writer, music lover and nerd. She is the author of three books in the indie steampunk series Tales of the Captain Duke, beginning with The Stowaway Debutante (2014), following the adventures of a defiant young aristocrat who saves a band of airship pirates from certain peril and talks her way into joining their crew.  Her favourite feature of steampunk is its ability to disrupt and re-imagine both history and the future. She currently lives in Toronto, and is on a never-ending quest to find the perfect café and writing spot.

Lesley Donaldson:  A vampiric unicorn that farts rainbows lives in my soul. I enjoy fantastical worlds and dark themes. My debut grimdark fantasy, “The Queen’s Viper,” was a semi-finalist in the 2016 Kindle Book Awards. The follow up grimdark novel, “The Wrath of Atticus,” releases this year. Most recently, I joined the TEGG Sessorium with my short stories. I’m a special needs parent, traveller, hobby medievalist, and an often companionable wife. Find me on Twitter: @BornAgainWriter

Brandon Draga is an author of fantasy novels and picture books. His multi-book high fantasy series, The Four Kingdoms Saga, has been compared to such seminal works as Terry Brooks’ Shannara, and Weis and Hickman’s Dragonlance Chronicles, and his picture book, Dragon in the Doghouse, has received praise from, Ed Greenwood, and Erin M. Evans, among many others.  Brandon lives just outside Toronto, Ontario, and when not writing he enjoys skateboarding, punk rock, and tabletop gaming.

Darrell Drake has published four books, with A Star-Reckoner’s Lot being the latest. He often finds himself inspired by his research to take on new hobbies. Birdwatching, archery, stargazing, and a heightened interest in history have all become a welcome part of his life thanks to this habit.

Nicholas Eames spent the better part of a decade trying to write a Guy Gavriel Kay book, until at last he grew wise and wrote a Nicholas Eames book instead.  His first novel, Kings of the Wyld, was released from Orbit in February, and is the first in a series called ‘The Band’.   Nicholas loves black coffee, neat whiskey, the month of October, and video games. He currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

Jen Frankel is the author of the Blood & Magic series about young heroine Maggie Stuart. The first two books in the series, The Last Rite and The Red Ring, deal with Maggie at ages 13 and 16 respectively. The third (and penultimate), Heaven & Hell, will feature Maggie at age 23, living in Montreal and still struggling with her powers.  She is also the author of Feral Tales, Leia of Earth, Untouchable, and Undead Redhead, about Toronto’s one and only Vegan zombie, soon to be a motion picture. Her work has been featured at the Female Eye Film Festival, and she often co-hosts the Liquid Lunch talk show on  Jen is also an award-winning screenwriter and poet, as well as a great lover of fish, birds, cats, and all other living creatures. She even has a soft spot for human beings, provided they behave at least as well as their pets.  She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Michael Frankfort is an elementary teacher with the York Region District School Board currently teaching at Aldergrove Public School in Markham. He embraces the use of technology and in particular that of robotics in the classroom.

Thomas Gofton:  Initiating as an actor, Thomas produced the award-winning series “Mind’s Eye”, the acclaimed comedy “The Gamers: Natural One” and the The Gamers: Dorkness Rising sequel “Hands of Fate”.    Thomas created the RPG setting “Legacy of Mana” before being published in Shadowrun’s “A World of Shadows”.  Delving into tabletop game design, Thomas is responsible for “The Legacy Series (Albion’s, Neverland’s and Sherwood’s)” as well as “Cowboy Bebop”, “Dragon Ball Z”, “The Terminator”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Dark Stalkers Vs Street Fighter” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” board games. Thomas travels the world hosting screenings, design sessions and panels to creators, filmmakers and fans.

Alisse Lee Goldenberg is an award winning author of Horror, Young Adult Paranormal Romance, and Young Adult Fantasy fiction. She is currently working on two series: The Sitnalta Series (published by Pandamoon Publishing) and The Dybbuk Scrolls. She is also a screenwriter and playwright, having co-written There Is No Maybe for York University, and having created the upcoming Children’s animated series Sibling Revelry. She has her Bachelors of Education and a Fine Arts degree, and has studied fantasy and folk lore since she was a child. Alisse is also a voice actress living in Toronto with her husband Brian, their triplets Joseph, Phillip, and Hailey, and their rambunctious Goldendoodle Sebastian.

Michelle Goodeve:  Michelle (a.k.a. “The Widget”) hit the stage as a dancer at the age of 3, and has been involved in just about every aspect of “Show Biz” ever since. As an Actor, Michelle is best known for her four-year stint as teacher Ms. Avery on the world-wide, cult TV series’ Degrassi Jr. High & Degrassi High {the most successful TV series in Canadian history!}. Michelle has also starred in shows she created – Vulcan E.F.T.S., & Barnstormers – in addition to Guest-Starring on series such as Street Legal, Ready or Not, Danger Bay, & White Fang. She’s been a Story Editor on White Fang & Mysterious Island, and written animated series such as Redwall & Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. Michelle is also an award-winning Pilot – specializing in Antique Aircraft – and has owned her 1929, open-cockpit, Pietenpol Aircamper for more than half her life! She recently completed a six-year, total restoration of her airplane, and is currently hard at work on her first book. Michelle, her partner Glenn Norman and mutual friend Gordon Skerratt co-created Ad Astra’s “Astronomy in the Parking Lot” some 24 years ago.

Emily Goodwin, VP Public Relations Galaxy Press, Publisher of Writers & Illustrators of the Future

Emanuel Grigoras is a project manager and writer living in Toronto. He is the co-founder of Asengana Inc. a startup developing the first project management tool for writers (to be launched in 2017, if the gods of technology will allow it).  He is obsessed with quality and efficiency in getting things done, writing included, and dreams of a world where professional self-publishing writers, editors, and readers will create a healthy ecosystem.

Costi Gurgu was born in Constanta, the 2600-year-old Greek city on the Black Sea shore, and lives in Toronto with his wife, Vali, on the Ontario Lake shore. Large bodies of water help Costi glimpse into other realms. That and some Dacian magic. His fiction has appeared in Canada, the United States, England, Denmark, Hungary and Romania. He has sold three books and over fifty stories for which he has won twenty-four awards. His latest sales include the DAW Books anthology “Ages of Wonder” edited by Julie Czerneda, the Wildside Press anthology “The Third Science Fiction Megapack”, EDGE’s anthology “Tesseracts 17”, “The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk” edited by Sean Wallace, and the anthologies “Dark Horizons” and “street Magick” edited by Charles Zaglanis.  His novel “RecipeArium” has just come out from White Cat Publications.  To find out more about Costi Gurgu visit,, or drop in on Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads.

Peter Halasz:  Several years ago the g-ds laughed and awarded Peter Halasz an Aurora Award. They’re still laughing. Among other things too disgusting to mention, Peter is a specialist in [English] Canadian fantastika: he collects it, studies it, writes about it when his arm is sufficiently twisted, and consults for the 3rd edition of the Science Fiction Encyclopedia.  Fair warning: if you ask him to explain “fantastika” to you be prepared to listen attentively for the next three hours or so. He is a tad obsessed.

Geoff Hart has worked for the past 30 years as a scientific editor, specializing in authors for whom English is a second or third language. He’s a popular speaker on editing and technical writing, and writes fiction in his spare time. He’s sold stories to anthologies edited by Candas Jane Dorsey, Claude Lalumière, and Kim Stanley Robinson. Visit him online at

Lee Harris is the Senior Editor at Publishing, where he edits science fiction and fantasy novellas and novels. He also writes—mainly short stories, though he has written professionally for the stage, too, and he’s partway through writing a novel—but then, isn’t everyone? In 2014 he became the first British editor to be nominated for a Hugo, though he still thinks he was included by mistake. He hates dried fruit, but loves mince pies, and no, he doesn’t understand that, either.

Alyxandra Harvey is the author of The Drake Chronicles, Haunting Violet, Red, The Lovegrove Legacy, and Green Jack. She is sometimes fueled by literary rage.  She lives in a stone Victorian house in Ontario, Canada with a few resident ghosts who are allowed to stay as long as they keep company manners. She likes tea, tattoos, and books. She also a Fan Ghoul (web series).

Cathy Hird is a shepherd and a weaver. She runs a small sheep farm with her family, and she shepherds a church in rural Ontario. Cathy weaves tapestries and scarves, and she tells stories that pull together the threads of ancient myth and modern questions. Cathy’s first two YA novels are set in ancient Greece, and Fractured: When Shadows Arise is the first book of a contemporary fantasy trilogy. She also writes a weekly column for an online news magazine. She is an avid reader who loves to discover new authors and the worlds they build.

Dean Italiano lives with G and their twin boys in Waterloo, ON. Author of Pain Machine, Spirits and Death in Niagara, and Katrina and the Frenchman: A Journal from the Street, and The Starving Queen. Dean also works with G musically to produce CDs Johnny Gruesome and From Skull Tavern, and occasionally does some artwork as well. By day, Dean works in a wonderfully busy elementary school Library. You can find more information at

Giasone Italiano (G) is a singer/songwriter from Waterloo, Ontario, who has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. He has won multiple awards and has songwriting and performance credits in multiple CD’s and horror movies. He is the co-founder of PIC Music Publishing that is releasing the CD “From Skull Tavern”  in the summer of 2017 and has contributed many songs to the upcoming horror movie release “Johnny Gruesome”.

Neil Jamieson-Williams is a social anthropologist who is a professor at Mohawk College and a lecturer at McMaster University in Hamilton.  Neil’s areas of specialisation include technological impacts upon culture/society and subcultures within industrial societies.  He also writes fiction on an occasional basis, with a preference for alternate history, political (definitely left of centre) science fiction, and interplanetary space opera.

A.A. Jankiewicz (known to most as Agnes) hails from the city of Pickering, Ontario. Her debut novel “Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds” was published as part of her thesis project at Durham College as part of the Contemporary Media Design Program. Prior to that, she graduated from York University with a BFA in Film Theory, Historiography and Criticism. When she’s not busy plotting the next great adventure, writing, doodling, tinkering in the Adobe suite programs or mellowing out with her friends, she enjoys walks with her four-legged companion Meesha. She is currently working on the next instalment in the Q-16 series.

Ian Donald Keeling is an odd, loud little man who acts a little, writes a little, and occasionally grows a beard.  His short fiction and poetry have previously appeared in Realms of Fantasy, On Spec, and Grain. He’s on the faculty for sketch and improv at The Second City in Toronto. His first novel, The Skids, was released in October 2016 by ChiTeen. He likes all forms of tag and cheese.

Robert Knowlton has read extensively in the field of weird fiction for many years, and consulted on several references including THE PENGUIN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HORROR & THE SUPERNATURAL.

Derek Künsken left science to work with street children and eventually join the Canadian Foreign Service. In recent years, he’s been focusing on writing, and has had a string of stories appear in Asimov’s, Analog, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, that have reappeared in various Year’s Best anthologies, podcast reprints, and in foreign translations. His hard SF heist novel The Quantum Magician was recently acquired by Solaris Books and will appear in English and Chinese in the fall of 2018. He blogs from, tweets from @DerekKunsken, and is the long-running head of programming for Ottawa’s Can*Con Literary Conference.

Deanna Laver is a freelance illustrator from Toronto, Ontario. Her resume is storied and eclectic, ranging from the critically-lauded picture book “Dragon in the Doghouse” to the wildly successful “Drinking Quest” and “Haiku Warrior” games by Wiseman Innovations, to the covers and promotional art for Brandon Draga’s “Four Kingdoms Saga” Her art takes what can often be dark and dour and offers a refreshing splash of whimsey, equal parts Larry Elmore and Joy Ang.

Nicole Lavigne has a BA in English and Theatre from the University of Ottawa. She still lives in Ottawa but considers all of Canada her home after bouncing across the country as a military brat during her childhood. She is a professional storyteller, published writer, Web & Logistics Coordinator for Can-Con, Editorial Assistant for Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine, Co-Chair for the Ottawa ChiSeries, and daylights as an administrative assistant for the government. She is a member of the Scrawling Narwhals critiquing group. As a storyteller Nicole has performed folk tales and historical stories at The Tea Party, Billings Estate, Bytowne Museum and the National Arts Centre.

Martha Lenio, B.A.Sc., PhD, hails from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She has had a life-long interest in both space exploration and environmental issues. In 2014-2015 Martha commanded the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) Mission III, an 8 month Mars simulation funded by NASA and run through the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She currently works in the area of renewable energy consulting at her company, Mars Green Consulting.

Jennifer Maillet has worked in the film industry for 7 years. She has been a VFX Artist on shows like The Walking Dead, Vikings, Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful, Fear the walking dead and  Legion to name a few. She’s also worked on feature film such as, Harry Potter, Suicide Squad, Elysium, and Into the Woods.  In 2013, her team won the Canadian Screen Award for Outstanding Achievement Award in Visual Effects for their work on Vikings.  

Derwin Mak lives in Toronto. His short story “Transubstantiation” won the Aurora Award for Best Short Form Work in English in 2006. He and Eric Choi co-edited The Dragon and the Stars (DAW Books, 2010), the first anthology of science fiction and fantasy by overseas Chinese. It won the 2011 Aurora Award for Best Related Work in English. His two novels The Moon Under Her Feet and The Shrine of the Siren Stone are science fiction that deal with religious themes in Christianity, Shintoism, and Buddhism. He co-edited the Speculative Fiction Issue of Ricepaper magazine with JF Garrard in 2014. He is currently acquiring documents and photographs about Toronto’s Chinese Canadian science fiction writers for the Toronto Public Library’s Chinese Canadian Archives, a new collection about the history of Toronto’s Chinese community.

Arlene  Marks:  Born and raised in Toronto, Arlene F. Marks began writing at the age of 6, and she can’t seem to stop. She is the author of two literacy programs for the classroom, as well as From First Word to Last: The Craft of Writing Popular Fiction,  The Accidental God, and (from EDGE Publishing) Sic Transit Terra, a series of sf novels set at the turn of the 25th century, including The Genius Asylum, The Otherness Factor, and The Relativity Bomb. Her first Hellmaw novel, Billy and Angie Go All the Way, is a January 2018 release from TEGG.

Michael Martineck:  Michael’s last novel – The Milkman (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy), a murder mystery set in a world with no governments “ won a gold medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards and was a finalist in the Eric Hoffer awards, given for salient writing from small presses. The sequel, The Link Boy, arrives soon. His previous novel, Cinco de Mayo, was a finalist for an Alberta Reader’s Choice Award. He has written for DC Comics, several magazines (fiction and non-fiction) the Urban Green Man anthology and two urban fantasy novels for young readers. Michael has a degree in English and Economics, but has worked in advertising for several years. He lives with his wife and two children on Grand Island, NY.

Patrick McDonald is a semi-retired Science Teacher and a leading amateur variable star observer in Canada. He is affiliated with both the RASC and the AAVSO. Public Outreach Astronomy has been his mission for years. He also plays guitar and bagpipes, not simultaneously, runs the Chess Program at his local library, and struggles with Wu Style Tai Chi. He has often felt that real Science can be a sound a basis for Sci-Fi literature. His turtle will be 50 this summer.

Jane Ann McLachlan:  Before becoming a full-time speculative fiction writer, Jane Ann McLachlan was a college professor of ethics. She has published two academic textbooks on professional ethics  used across Canada, as well as a collection of short stories and three science fiction novels: Walls of Wind, The Occasional Diamond Thief and The Salarian Desert Game (Published by EDGE SF&F Publishing).

Selena Middleton is a writer, teacher, and PhD Candidate currently finishing a dissertation on feminist science fiction and the environment. She has published essays on science fiction and race, utopia, and feminist steampunk. She writes science fiction under the name Eileen Gunnell Lee. Her first short story was recently published by Escape Pod.

John “Doc” Morgan was ensnared by science fiction when he read the “Mad Scientists Club” almost 50 years ago. He found cosplay through the Toronto Steampunk Society and soon after rediscovered the joys of prop and model making. Since retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces he has been exploring the application of 3D printing technology to cosplay. Doc aims to live up to Ray Bradbury’s advice to “Stuff your eyes with wonder.”

Matt Moore is a horror and science fiction writer who believes good speculative fiction can both thrill and make you think. His short fiction, poetry and columns have appeared in a variety of print, electronic and audio markets including On Spec, Leading Edge, The Ottawa Citizen, Jamais Vu, The Drabblecast, and more. He’s a five time Aurora Award finalist, frequent panelist and presenter, and Co-Chair of the Ottawa Chiaroscuro Reading Series. His short story collection, But It’s Not The End And Other Lies, will be published by ChiZine Publications in January 2018.

MJ Moores is an avid reader and writer of speculative fiction. Her early career as a high school Drama & English teacher nourished her propensity to help others with their writing. MJ’s debut novel Time’s Tempest is the first book in The Chronicles of Xannia quartet, a sci-fi/fantasy crossover. In addition to her writing addiction, MJ gives work shops around her three non-fiction e-books (Publicizing Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide to Author Marketing, How to Publish Your Book: A Practical Guide to the Publishing World, & The Unofficial Goodreads Author Guide: How to Build Your Audience), writing techniques, and editing. She also works to provide a platform for new and emerging writers to build their author portfolio/credentials on her website Infinite Pathways. In her spare time, she edits freelance, participates in three different regional writing communities, and is Vice President of the WCYR.

Ilana C. Myer has written about books for the Globe and Mail, the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Huffington Post, and Salon. Her debut epic fantasy, “Last Song Before Night,” was released by Tor Books in 2015. The sequel, “Fire Dance,” is scheduled for release in 2018.

Glenn Norman: It’s been 24 Years since Glenn Norman, Michelle Goodeve & Gordon Skerratt first co-created Ad Astra’s “Astronomy in the Parking Lot.” Glenn had become an Amateur Astronomer at the age of 9, joined The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada when he was 12, and has been working at “Public Ed/Outreach” ever since. Glenn guesstimates he’s introduced some 10,000+ people to the Universe over the past ~55 years and has lost track of the number of “Star Parties” & Astro-Talks he’s given over the decades. After making his living as a Film Editor for CTV National News, Glenn quit to become a Writer. But when his partner, Michelle, began acting on TV, Glenn transitioned to Screenwriting – then Story Editing – and, more recently, Producing. He has written for numerous TV series over the years, as well as writing articles for astronomy magazines, “Sky News” & “Sky & Telescope.” Glenn is currently the “Resident Astronomer” for Camp Fincayra, creating a “breakthrough”  Astronomy program specifically designed for kids & teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Jonathan Oliver is the Editor-in-Chief of Abaddon and Solaris at Rebellion Publishing Ltd. He is the multi-award winning editor of the horror anthologies End of the Line, Magic, House of Fear, The End of the Road, Dangerous Games and Five Stories High. He is also an author, having appeared in various anthologies including Sharkpunk, A Town Called Pandemonium, Shakespeare vs Cthulhu and Game Over.

Douglas Owen  is an author, writer, editor, publisher, and Quora enthusiast. His column, “A Written View” has appeared in Indyfest Magazine over the last four years and he is also the distribution coordinator for such.Doug is a sought-after contributor on Quora in concerns with writing and publishing. He’s answered over 100 questions and received over 2.1K in views on them alone. Doug has participated and won the last five years of NaNoWriMo.

Monica Pacheco is a literary agent with The McDermid Agency and represents a growing list of writers, focusing on literary fiction, YA, science fiction and fantasy. Her clients include Sarah Polley, Yves Meynard, Madeline Ashby, Sarah Henstra, Irina Kovalyova, Janice Poon, Eli K.P. William and David Nickle.

Alexandra Renwick is the author of dozens of stories and poems including her award-nominated collection Push of the Sky, which was a Powell’s Books SF Book Club reading selection and received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. Her noir, SF, mythpunk, and literary fabulism has appeared in The Baltimore Review, Ellery Queen’s and Alfred Hitchcock’s mystery magazines, and Imaginarium: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing. More at

Vanessa Ricci-Thode  is a word sorceress “ a fantasy author and fiction editor “ who loves a good story. She’s a NaNoWriMo veteran and a bookish geek who loves dragons, superheroes, gardening, travel and good tequila. To learn more, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @VRicciThode

Mike Rimar has matured. He no longer writes witty bios with clever puns. He has stopped comparing his two daughters to pets, especially after the cease and desist order. He sees nothing funny about writing science fiction, fantasy, and some horror, although many of his stories might be considered humorous, and purposefully humorous, not this-is-so-bad-it?s-funny kind of humorous. As proof, his story, A Bunny Hug for Karl, was nominated for the 2014 Prix Aurora for the best in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is also an associate publisher of Bundoran Press ( and co-editor of the anthology, Second Contacts, also nominated for the 2016 Aurora award. He has been published in OSC?s InterGalactic Medicine Show, Writers of the Future XXI, and On Spec, all serious publications despite having the occasional humorous story. If you want to learn more about Mike visit Seriously.

Jody Rodier has participated at many cons and been everything from a gopher, a weapons’ checker, a panelist, an MC, and the co-DJ of the dance. He is a regular in masquerades in the Master Division and has participated in panels on costuming, prop building and assorted other presentations. In his secret identity, as a full time Teacher, he has taught a wide range of subjects, including drama and dance. He is a member of a Lion & Dragon Dance demonstration team and has performed in many venues.

Adam Shaftoe-Durrant is a critic, essayist, and occasional podcaster. In 2016 he was nominated for an Aurora Award for his website The Page of Reviews.. His essays have been published in On-Spec Magazine, Jamais Vu: The Journal of the Strange Among the Familiar, Onder Magazine, and in The Good Men Project. Adam was formerly the Video Games Editor at Dirge Magazine and a First Reader for Daily Science Fiction Magazine. He lives in St. Catharines, Ontario with his wife and cats where he works as an economic researcher.

Heather Spears, Vancouver-born writer and artist, has lived in Denmark since 1962. Her books: 14 collections of poetry, 5 novels (3 of speculative fiction), 4 books of drawings. Major awards in writing: Governor-General’s Award,  3x Pat Lowther  Memorial Award, CBC Literary Prize.. She instructs drawing, writes about drawing and the brain (The Creative Eye, 2012) specializes in drawing premature and unusual infants, draws in theatres,  courtrooms, hospitals and war zones. Close to 100 solo exhibitions in Europe and America. Website . Now Launching The revised Moonfall Trilogy as EBooks. with Chizine.

David Stephenson is a space physicist who studied the high atmosphere over Saskatoon during the 1970’s, then designed systems for a deep space probe in Germany and was a consultant to Lloyd’s space insurance before returning to join the Geological Survey of Canada in 1984. Downsized in 1996, he now lives in Merrickville near Ottawa.   He has been a guest panellist and lecturer at science fiction and anime conventions for over 30 years. His web page is:

L.E.  Sterling had an early obsession with sci-fi, fantasy and romance to which she remained faithful even through an M.A. in Creative Writing and a PhD in English Literature – where she completed a thesis on magical representation. She is the author of the cult hit Y/A novel The Originals (under pen name L.E. Vollick), dubbed “the Catcher in the Rye of a new generation” by one reviewer, the urban fantasy Pluto’s Gate, and sci-fi/fantasy series, the True Born Trilogy. Originally hailing from Parry Sound, Ontario, L.E. spent most of her summers roaming across Canada in a van with her father, a hippie musician, her brothers and an occasional stray mutt – inspiring her writing career. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Karina Sumner-Smith is the author of the Towers Trilogy from Talos Press: Radiant, Defiant, and Towers Fall. In addition to novel-length work, Karina has published a range of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories that have been nominated for the Nebula Award, reprinted in several Year?s Best anthologies, and translated into Spanish and Czech. She lives in Ontario near the shores of Lake Huron. Visit her online at

Amanda Sun is the author of the Paper Gods series, INK, RAIN, and STORM, set in Japan and published by Harlequin Teen. The Paper Gods were Aurora Award nominees and Junior Library Guild selections, as well as Chapters Indigo Top Teen Picks. She is also the author of HEIR TO THE SKY, a YA Fantasy about floating continents, monster hunters, dragons, and pygmy goats. Her short fiction has also been published in various anthologies such as Tesseracts Fifteen and Strangers Among Us. When not reading or writing, Sun is an avid cosplayer, gamer, and geeky knitter. Get free Paper Gods novellas and other goodies at

Hayden Trenholm is an award-winning playwright, novelist and short story writer. His short fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies and on CBC radio. His first novel, A Circle of Birds, won the 3-Day Novel Writing competition in 1993; it was recently translated and published in French. His trilogy, The Steele Chronicles, were each nominated for an Aurora Award. Stealing Home, the third book, was a finalist for the Sunburst Award. Hayden has won four Aurora Awards – twice for short fiction and twice for editing anthologies. He purchased Bundoran Press in 2012 and is its managing editor.

Christina Vasilevski is a writer and editor by day and a slush reader, book blogger, cat petter and tea drinker by night. In addition to reading slush for Lightspeed Magazine, she reviews books at She lives in Toronto with her husband, her mother, two cats, and a truly ridiculous amount of tea.

Chris Warrilow has run Fantastic Creations, a custom props company based in Toronto, for the last 20 years. Chris’ film credits include the Canadian horror flick Scarce, Weirdsville, and Ararat, and notable television credits include the series Relic Hunter and Murdoch Mysteries, for which he created a 10-foot tall steampunk robot. Chris has been around for years running and participating in masquerades, doing weapons panels, and generally being a source of information for anyone who wants to talk.

Sarah  WaterRaven is an author and artist. Forever fueled by copious amounts of espresso and tea, when she is not writing she is often drawing or painting while binge watching Netflix . Sarah published her first book, Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears in 2012 and will be publishing her third novel this year. If she doesn’t show up for her panel, she’s probably barefoot in the woods. Gluten-free cookies and the Yeti call should coax her back inside.

Allan Weiss ( is a Toronto-based author and Associate Professor of English and Humanities at York University. His story cycle Making the Rounds appeared in 2016. He is Chair of the Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy, which will be held June 2-3 at the Merril Collection in Toronto; see for details.

Liz Westbrook-Trenholm has published or aired mainstream and sf short fiction, most recently, in Neo-Opsis and Prix Aurora-winning Bundoran Press anthology, “Second Contacts” and with new stories slated for publication in Bundoran Press anthology, “49th Parallels” (October 2017) and Laksma Media’s “The Sum of Us” (September, 2017). She also writes comedic murder mysteries for Calgary entertainment company, Pegasus Performances, with over 80 scripts produced. A retired public servant, Liz lives in Ottawa with her husband, writer and publisher, Hayden Trenholm.

Peter White is a nuclear engineer with Candu Energy Inc.

Eli K.P. William:  Author of the Jubilee Cycle, a cyber-dystopian trilogy set in a future Tokyo, including Cash Crash Jubilee (Talos Press 2015) and the Naked World (summer 2017). William was born and raised in Toronto and is a graduate of the University of Toronto, but has spent most of his adult life living in Tokyo, where he works as a Japanese translator. He has written articles for such publications as the Japan Times,, Writer’s Digest and Now Magazine. Aside from a severe addiction to history, sociology and philosophy podcasts, his main hobby is street dance, and he is rare among sci-fi authors in being proficient at the robot.

Gregory A. Wilson is a published author of speculative fiction and academic writing and Professor of English at St. John’s University in New York, where he teaches creative writing, fantasy fiction, and other literature courses. His first novel, an epic fantasy entitled The Third Sign, was published by Gale Cengage; his second novel, Icarus, was published in April of 2016 as a graphic novel by Silence in the Library; and his third novel, Grayshade (first book of The Gray Assassin Trilogy), was published in September of 2016 by The Ed Greenwood Group, with book two of that trilogy due out later this year. He also has short stories in various anthologies. With fellow SFF author Mike Underwood he co-hosts the critically acclaimed podcast Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans; he runs a popular TwitchTV channel focused on story and narrative in games under the moniker Arvan Eleron; and finally, he is the lead singer and trumpet player for the progressive rock band The Road. He lives with his family in Riverdale, NY.

Rio Youers is the British Fantasy Award nominated author of END TIMES and POINT HOLLOW. His short fiction has been published in many notable anthologies, and his novel, WESTLAKE SOUL, was nominated for Canada’s prestigious Sunburst Award. He has been favorably reviewed in such venues as Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and The National Post. His new novel, THE FORGOTTEN GIRL, will be released by MacMillan/Thomas Dunne Books in June, 2017.   Rio lives in southwestern Ontario with his wife and their two children.