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Room 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm
Aurora   Doing Something about Climate Change Science in Urban Fantasy II – Toeing The Line Commercial Space Flight: 40% Off! Book Your Seats Today! Creativity Challenges Science on Trial II A.I. and Us: Heuristics of Surpassing the Human Brain Making Contact: Why we are still alone?
Buttonville Fantasy in Translation Space Battles: Lens Flares and Camera Shakes   Agents of Shield and Agent Carter: The MCU on TV Time Travel and Alternate Histories: Why You Don’t Kill Hitler From The Tabletop To The Side Table Book Interior Design for Authors Readings: David Nickle & Rio Youers
Con Suite (1073) Saturday Movie Morning   CAN-CON Chocolate and Caffeine Party    
Event Suite (1086) Book Launch: Anne Bishop Readings: Madeline Ashby & Eric Choi Readings: Leah Bobet & Max Turner Book Launch: Pop Seagull Publishing Readings: Julie Czerneda & Jana Paniccia  
Gormley (Anime) see program book for the Anime Room schedule
Hotel Bar       Steampunk Social    
King City (Gaming) see program book for the Gaming room schedule
Lower Richmond Lobby     Demo: Pop Seagull Demo: Jen Frankel Demo: Button Brigade Demo: Kit Daven Demo: Kaz Lefave Demo: Brain Lag
Markham A An Editor and a Publisher Walk Into a Bar: Who Do You Hit On? Better Author Websites Open Season on Bond: What Happens When a Literary Icon Becomes Public Domain Put The Pen Down And Back Away Slowly: Editing Your Own Work Hollywood is Running Out Of Ideas High Quality Self-Publishing Paranormal Fiction: The Ghost of a Fad YA: Canadian Literature
Markham B A Trillion Is a Statistic Readings: Ed Greenwood & Dennis Lee New Weird, Spec Fic and Uncanny Literature New Toronto/Ontario Writers Reading Funding Your Grocery Bill: Writing Grants and Writing for Grants Working With Smaller Presses: How to Publish Without Selling Your Soul You Heard It Here First: nEvermore! The Shadow Over Lovecraft
Newmarket Giving It Away For Free: But You’ll Get Great Exposure! Readings: Gemma Files & Nancy Baker Murdoch Mysteries: Steampunk Television and the People who Bring it Alive Masquerade 101 – How to prepare, what to expect and how to get the best reaction from the audience and judges Basic Props and Easy Mods Cosplay and You: Closets and Patterns What’s Your Punk? Roll Big or Roll Home
Oakridge Spicing up your Game Setting Remembering Leonard Nimoy Genre Crossing: Please Watch for Slow Moving Pathetic Fallacies Beyond Wikipedia: The Future of Fact Finding and Checking Melee Combat: Separating Fact From Fiction The Wisdom of Ages Past: Relevance of Older Science Fiction How to Sell SF to General Readers as Literature Formatting, Style and Sticking it to the Man
Parking Lot                
Richmond A Lifting the Veil Between Here and There After Acceptance: The Fun Begins This Damsel Saves Herself Signing Sessions Setup Signing Sessions GoH Hour: Charles de Lint & MaryAnn Harris
Richmond B SFWA General Meeting Horror Pro-Tour: A Delightful Discussion with the Masters of Twisted and Chilling Tales GoH Hour: Denis McGrath Signing Sessions Setup Signing Sessions Concert/Masquerade/Dance Tech Prep
Richmond C & D     Remembering Terry Pratchett       Concert/Masquerade/Dance Tech Prep
Stouffville (Lego) Lego Displays by ToroLUG
T&T Suite (1080)   TARDIS Tea Party Tastings
Thornhill (Art Show) Art Show Open The Ghost Aesthetic Book Binding Demonstration Live Model Drawing Art Show Open
Unionville Build and decorate a paper airplane! Steampunk and You: Separating the Gears from the Tea Sets Steampunk Tearoom: Props and Gadgets Build and decorate your favourite character! Steampunk Tearoom: Photo Shoot Steampunk Tearoom: Parasol Duel Steampunk Tearoom: Nerf Gun Duel Steampunk Tearoom: Tea Duel
Vaughan Hall (Dealers) Dealers Room Open
Victoria Square (Cosplay Repair Lounge) Cosplay Repair Lounge Leave Your Sword At The Door: Weapons Check & A Discussion of Weaponry in Fiction Cosplay Repair Lounge


Room 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm 12am
Aurora The Big Bang Theory: Revenge of the Nerds or Geeksploitation? Cosmos Revisited Saturday Night Music Performances Joss Whedon isn’t Perfect
Buttonville Aang and Korra: Animated TV shows that break molds and give us hope for the future The Evolution of Board Gaming Google Knows your Amazon Browsing History: Why Internet Privacy is an Illusion Podcasts Killed the Radio Star Readings: Doug Smith & Matthew Johnson    
Con Suite (1073)     Saturday Evening Social Mixer
Event Suite (1086) Book Launch: Bundoran Press Readings: Catherine Fitzsimmons & Ellie Di Julio Book Launch: Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing    
Gormley (Anime) see program book for the Anime Room schedule
Hotel Bar           Steampunk Meet and Greet  
King City (Gaming) see program book for the Gaming room schedule
Lower Richmond Lobby              
Markham A Writing the YA Novel: A Different Kind Of Audience The Tip of the Tongue, The Teeth, The Lips: How To Read Your Writing To An Audience Cutting Contracts and Shaking Hands: Business Basics of Writing In Defence of the Evil Empire, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Brother      
Markham B Writing in the ‘Loo Reading When the Gods Run Amok: Ancient, New and Urban Mythology Believable Characters and Dialogue Favourite Doctor: Why Peter Capaldi is Awesome… Or Not      
Newmarket Why Are We Fighting the Same War? Inclusiveness from 1970 to Now Guilty Pleasures: No Excuses Needed Someone Else’s Playground: Flattery, Lawsuits and the Organization of Transformative Works and Culture Hannibal: Horror and Monsterous Beauty   Late Night Bad Fiction Reading
Oakridge Ecology in World-Building Mummy is Hot for Edward Cullen: 50 shades of Monster Romance The Hand Wave of Deftness Orphan Black: Send in the (Canadian) Clones The Pleasure and the Pain of Teaching Literature    
Parking Lot         Astronomy in the Parking Lot    
Richmond A Masquerade Green Room   Dance
Richmond B Concert/Masquerade/Dance Tech Prep Heather Dale Concert Masquerade   Dance
Richmond C & D Concert/Masquerade/Dance Tech Prep Heather Dale Concert Masquerade   Dance
Stouffville (Lego) Lego Displays by ToroLUG
T&T Suite (1080) Tastings      
Thornhill (Art Show)   Art Auction and Art Pick-Up          
Unionville     Readings: Ada Hoffmann & Kate Heartfield Readings: Matt Moore & Ian Keeling      
Vaughan Hall (Dealers)              
Victoria Square (Cosplay Repair Lounge) Cosplay Repair Lounge