adastraSeveral variety acts will be performing on the main stage and other locations throughout the convention.  More details will follow.

Friday Night

Kari with BATMANKari Maaren is a wandering English professor who has turned grumpiness into an art form.  She has a completed webcomic, West of Bathurst, and an active one, It Never Rains.  She writes and performs geeky ukulele music, and she has produced three CDs, Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off, Everybody Hates Elves, and (with Copy Red Leader) Pirate Elves in Space. She has won Aurora Awards for her music (2013 and 2015) and comics (2015). Her first novel, a YA fantasy entitled The House on Grosvenor Street, is due out from Tor in the fall of 2017.


krakennotseirredKraken Not Stirred – Artist Biography: Kraken Not Stirred is a nerd music project created by a monstrous sea creature and beamed into the head of a pathetic human minion. The Kraken’s latest album, “Mixtape” will soon be available on cassette and download. You can read all about it at


Saturday Night

Leslie HudsonLeslie Hudson has many personas. She pours over folklore, rocks out on the keys, and watches a whole lot of Trek. With 7 solo albums under her belt, and one with her former band Copy Red Leader, she’s been songwriting for more than 25 years. Pulling together the influences of geek, fantasy and mainstream styles, she serves up an eclectic ensemble of funny and poignant, sassy and dark. Leslie releases three new albums this year: The Wanderlings Volume Two (January) based on the feminine in folklore & myth; The Redhead League (April) inspired by redheaded comic book & animated characters; and Yeoman on the Bridge (June) filled with Trek songs from Kirk to Kirk. For much more visit